Beautiful Days in Tahoe

J and A over Emerald Bay
We pose for an after lunch picture
overlooking  Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe

Island in the Bay
There's a tea house on this island

Trees of Tahoe
Truckee River
163 Streams and Rivers flow into
Lake Tahoe, but only one river
flows out.  This is the dam that controls
the flow out of Lake Tahoe and into
the Truckee River.

Blue Water
The water of Lake Tahoe is super clear and blue!
These pretty rocks gave us a nice afternoon stop to
stretch our legs.

Rocks and A and J
Get ready to stretch those legs...

Balance act
Joe practices his balance
Over see'r
Lovely sight see'r...Andrea simply loved Tahoe!

Going Once

Going once...

...Going twice
Going Twice

No, Joe didn't fall into the drink!
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